Curbit 2015 / Program / Video

Mont Salève, France


Thursday, July 23

Yoneda Lemma, Live-Set

- Helveticalia, a lecture by Samon Takahashi
- Il Pescatore, a screening by Aline Zeltner

Music from 10pm
- Serge Vuille interprets:
  Rebonds A, by Iannis Xenakis
  She who sleeps with a small blanket, by Kevin Volans
  Schraffur, by Fritz Hauser
- Alpha Pahud, electronic ambient & tribal vibe concert by Christian Pahud
- Vincent de Roguin
- Dj Pult

Friday, July 24

- A Wander In The Woods, discover and cook wild edible plants between 1 - 4pm with Elise Magnenat

- Meditation for children with Laurence Rohrbach
- Western Minestrone, a Puppet Theater by Timothée Calame and Sigrid Kreil

Music from 6pm
- Adnos I (1973 - 74) by Eliane Radigue,
  a sound installation and performance by Carol Robinson
- Urb-Fux-Glitter-Addiction, a performance by Plastique Fantastique
- GOL, concert
- Felicia Atkinson, Live-Set
- Samuel Jeffery
- Discarga VS
- Lumpex
- Georgia Sagri

Saturday, July 25

- Myth-Science Against Control, a talk by Simon O'Sullivan

Music from 3pm
- Open Table, electronic music improvisation, bring your own devices!
- CM Gratitude feat E.R, Live-Set
- Aurélien Hamm, concert
- Agathe Max, amplified violin concert
- Oscilla, an electronic concert by Miki Yui
- Norbert Möslang, cracked everyday-electronics
- Fred Hystère
- R.A.T
- Pregnant
- Y-Cool
- A.N.I

Food all weekend:

Lifetime Achievement, Sunny Side Up, Les Louches, Zentralbande